completeness and collapse

by metalogike

Hypothesis: A two-stage unintended collapse occurs when thought tries to place itself positively on the side of completeness: 1. Deductive completeness collapses to expressive completeness (universality). 2. The semantic dimension even of expressive completeness collapses, leaving us with a pure combinatorics of syntax.  Completeness, even when apparently affirmed as paradoxical, is on the side of the signifier, not even of the signified, certainly not of the Real that would incomplete their correlation.

Stakes: It looks as if projected totalities of sense get around to defending themselves by affirming their paradoxicality sooner or later, as a rule, but this wouldn’t immunize them against reductio if the suggested collapse can be shown to take place.

Note the intentionality-expelling vector dual to being ‘drawn in’ at the diagonal.